Book Trailer - 50th Anniversary Edition of A Wrinkle in Time

Hello Readers!

On Monday I posted about the 50th Anniversary Edition of A Wrinkle in Time on the topic of reading it for the first time.  I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the 50-blogs-50-days blog tour to commemorate the anniversary.

And you know what I realized AFTER I posted my review?  That Monday February 13th, my post day, a random one in the midst of a 50-day-long tour, was THE ACTUAL ANNIVERSARY of the publication of A Wrinkle in Time.

Yeah, I was kind of bouncing around all day after I figured that one out.

If you missed my post, you can read it HERE, but I have another treat for you my lovelies...

If you look below, you'll see a video.  Watch it.  Macmillan Kids has done a lovely book trailer to commemorate the anniversary.  It's AWESOME.

Enjoy, and Happy Reading Everyone!