Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mortality Blog Tour: Guest Post from Kellie Sheridan!

First off, a big thank you to Geekgirl for hosting me today!

In planning for the tour for Mortality, I gave a lot of thought to how readers discover the books they want to read. As I was already a book blogger, an ex-book store employee and I work in the publishing industry—I had to assume that not all of my potential readers would be quite as book obsessed as I am. Most of the people I follow on Twitter are readers, all the blogs I read are review blogs, I tune in to the Epic Reads tea time every week, and I’m on Goodreads several times a day. I’m obsessive.
*sigh* I love books.

But if you’re here, reading about wonderful bookish things… odds are, you’re a little obsessive too. So, let’s talk about how we find our next reads! Starting with Goodreads! I love Goodreads, I love it so much. I peruse lists, I look at things my friends are reading just based on pretty covers—I stalk that website all the time. This is also my main go to for reviews when I’m actually considering making a purchase. 
Gotta love the Goodreads!

Next up, book blogs! You’re here, reading this then obviously you share my love of this fantastic form of book reviews. For me, blogging is my version of word of mouth. While the reviews can be great, everyone has a different opinion and I try not to write off a read just because one blogger didn’t like it. But when I find a blogger who loves the same books I do, I definitely sit up and take notice.

One other outlet I’ve recently been learning more about is Amazon. I know, I know. I’m way behind on the times. I’m Canadian, so all things Kindle are a bit less popular here. I know a lot of my online bookish friends use Amazon rankings to keep up to date on what’s trending. Amazon reviews also seem to be a horse of a different color from those found on Goodreads.

Of course the big question now is how things might change now that Amazon has bought Goodreads, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

Finally, for me… there’s Twitter. Almost everyone I follow on Twitter is someone you could call bookish, whether they’re an author, blogger, agent or just an avid reader. I’ve seen some amazingly in depth conversations get struck up out of the blue about a book that two people who follow each other just happen to be reading. There’s also all kinds of organized bookish events and discussions which are always a good time. For me, Twitter is my grown-up equivalent of being in high school when all of your classmates started to tell you that you HAVE to read Harry Potter.

That’s me… but I’m convinced there are a million other ways to hear about that one must-read book. Heh, maybe some people still go browse in a book store. I miss book stores.

So, how do you discover which books you’re most interested in reading next?

Mortality on Goodreads

Thanks Kellie!


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