REVIEW - Drummer Girl by Karen Bass

The Fourth Down needs a drummer, and Sidney's easily the best in the school. But the all-male band has conditions for her to be allowed in—such as dressing like a girl. Accustomed to invisibility, Sid soon discovers the consequences to her makeover. It's not only that playing kit in a skirt is impractical. But as someone once taunted about her sexuality for being a drum-playing girl who likes shop class, now Sid is forced to deal with guys who think her new look makes her fair game. Sidney begins to realize the price of compromising who you really are. 

4/5 Stars!

Readers, if I could tell you one thing about this book, it would be this: Do NOT let the adorable cover fool you.

This book was way rougher on the main character than I expected it to be. All Sid wanted was to be in a band. She's been kind of floundering ever since her big brother left for school and her father got a promotion that's been taking up all of his time. The one constant in her life is her drumming. But she's not content to keep it hidden in the basement any longer. She wants to get out there and play! So when she hears the school's local rock-group is holding auditions for a new drummer, she goes for it.

But there's a problem. One of the guys is dead-set against having a girl in the band, and will only vote her in if--as a great deal of the school thinks--she's a lesbian. Another of the guys is cool with having her in the band, but has vetoed her because of her look--or lack of one. So Sid is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She's not actually a lesbian, and doesn't want to pretend to be one, so she bids her old look--and her beloved baggie jeans and band t-shirts--goodbye, and tries for a new look.

But that brings her all kinds of attention she doesn't want, and her best friend is pissed at her for changing herself just to fit in.

Sid has to deal with so many jerks in this book. I felt so bad for her. But Sid is tougher inside than she knows.

I loved seeing how she related to all the different characters--from her best friend, who's pissed at her and has his own problems, to Wes, her worst enemy, who makes her life tougher every step of the way. Also? Brad is one of the most adorable love interests in history.

So, in summary, do NOT let the cover fool you. It's a great cover, and totally showcases the joy Sid feels while drumming, but that's only part of the story. It's a rough ride through highschool for Sid, and I enjoyed it every step of the way!