REVIEW - Soul Thief by Jana Oliver

Paperback, US, 339 pages

Published August 30th 2011 by St. Martin's Griffin

Riley Blackthorne is beginning to learn that there are worse things than death by demon. And love is just one of them…

Seventeen-year-old Riley has about had it up to here. After the devastating battle at the Tabernacle, trappers are dead and injured, her boyfriend Simon is gravely injured, and now her beloved late father’s been illegally poached from his grave by a very powerful necromancer. As if that’s not enough, there's Ori, one sizzling hot freelance demon hunter who’s made himself Riley’s unofficial body guard, and Beck, a super over-protective “friend” who acts more like a grouchy granddad. With all the hassles, Riley’s almost ready to leave Atlanta altogether.

But as Atlanta’s demon count increases, the Vatican finally sends its own Demon Hunters to take care of the city’s “little” problem, and pandemonium breaks loose. Only Riley knows that she might be the center of Hell’s attention: an extremely powerful Grade 5 demon is stalking her, and her luck can't last forever…

4/5 Stars!

I'm loving this series! I don't know what took me so long to start reading it, but I'm glad I'm here now.

This book picks up right where The Demon Trapper's Daughter (read my review here) ends. The Demon Trappers Guild has been attacked by a swarm of demons and they're now trying to pick up the pieces and figure out what went wrong.

Unfortunately, many of them are laying the blame right at Riley's feet. And it's not like Riley doesn't already have enough on her plate--what with trying to track down her dead father, trying to put up with Beck's overprotectiveness, and her boyfriend suddenly acting all strange.

I really feel for Riley in this book. She's doing her absolute best and the world just keeps going against her. I adore her though, she's such a strong character. Really, my only problem with Riley (besides her habit of buying endless hot chocolate and takeout when she's struggling to scrounge up enough money to pay her bills--which makes me kinda want to shake her a little, but that's just me) is her terrible taste in guys, but then again, that just makes her more real. I can't stand perfect characters. (But I'm still sitting over here in the corner, waving my little "team Beck" flag...don't mind me).

This book was just as full of action as the first one, which I loved, and it was great to get a little more of the background story as Riley learned about it herself.

Great read and great addition to the series.

I need book three IMMEDIATELY. *looks around frantically* Where can I get it?

Help me out here.