Summer Reading Challenge '11

 Hello Everyone!

I've decided that, since I'm so very behind on my to-read-pile, I'm going to issue myself (and whoever else wants to join me in my insanity) a little summer reading challenge.

Starting May 29th and going through to Labor Day, I'm going to attempt to read 100 books.

Yeah, that's right. 

100 books in 100 days.

Will I make it?  Only time will tell.

But either way, I'm going to make a big dent in my to-read-pile.

So who's with me?

Clearly, you don't have to go for the full 100.  Maybe you'd like to read 10 books this summer?  Maybe 20?  50?

Who knows....well... I'd love to!

Let me know if you're on board for my little challenge, and how many books you're aiming for!

Lots of love and happy reading!



  1. Umm, not 100. I read 75 last summer and I am behind on the TBR pile but I think I stick with about 50.

  2. 100 is so epic. I'm gonna go with 30 in 30 days for now, cus I'm hoping to get a summer job and then I'll go from there! Good look with your challenge!!

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  4. Wow that's a lot of books!

    I'd like to read 50 this summer. I'm attempting to read 111 in 2011.. and I've read a little over 50 so far this year.


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