Cover-Judgers Anonymous (4)

Never judge a book by its cover.

 If you've read my blog, you've probably heard me refer to myself as a shameless cover-judger.  I know, I'm seeking help.  But I don't think I'm the only one out there who does it.

So I invite you, readers, to share your opinion, and maybe we can find a cure for this problem together...or not.

Today I bring you another series.  This one by the lovely Sarah Rees Brennan, the Demon's Lexicon series. 
I'm in love with these books, and if you haven't read them, you should go out and read them right away, because they're awesome, and the third and final book is coming out in mere months, and you have to read these first two before that happens.  Just, you know, so you're prepared.

Anywhoo, here are the books.

First, The Demon's Lexicon...

For this one, I've found 3 very different covers.  Personally, I adore the first one (top left).  I love the dark, cartoon-y style and I think Nick looks awesome.  My own copy, however, is the next one (top right) which I'm less in love with.  I think the pose is pretty awesome, but his hair bothers me.  (I know...I'm awful).  The third (bottom, middle) is cool, but it doesn't really grab me, and honestly, he looks kind of like Superman to me--which Nick definitely is not.

For book two, The Demon's Covenant, here's what I found.

Once again, I love the one on the left.  It's cartoon-y, it's dark, and it's totally Mae in the picture (and that's who's narrating the story).  The one on the right is the one that was on the copy I actually read (from the library), and while it's pretty, that really isn't Mae to me.  I think it's supposed to be Sin, but I can't be sure.  Help me out here if you know for sure.

So what do you think?  Have you read the series?  Did you like it?  Which covers do you think more fully mesh with what you've read so far?  And if you haven't read them (and why not?) which would you be more likely to pull off the shelf?

You've heard my take, now I want to hear yours.

Love ya!



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