Blogoversary Winners!

I'm so pleased!  I've officially had been blogging for 6 months!  My Blogoversary was yesterday.  I would have posted this then, but I wanted to give everyone one last chance at the giveaway...which I'm certain you're all excited

Without further ado, here are our WINNERS!

Laura (LauraBookNerd)



...all of whom have been emailed with the news!  Winners, please email me back with your mailing address and choice of 1 book each (that I've reviewed) and I can get them ordered for you!

Thanks so much everyone for making my 6-month blogoversary so enjoyable.  And I know many of you signed on as followers for the contest, but I'm really hoping you'll stick around.

There's much more fun to be had.

Love ya!

Happy Reading!



  1. Congratulations Laura, Lilly and Pebble! :)

  2. I'm so happy! Yay!!!
    And congrats to Laura and Pebble ^^

  3. Congratulations! And also to the winners ^_^


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