The Twin's Daughter - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Lucy Sexton is stunned when a disheveled woman appears at the door one day…a woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lucy's own beautiful mother. It turns out the two women are identical twins, separated at birth, and raised in dramatically different circumstances. Lucy's mother quickly resolves to give her less fortunate sister the kind of life she has never known. And the transformation in Aunt Helen is indeed remarkable. But when Helen begins to imitate her sister in every way, even Lucy isn't sure at times which twin is which. Can Helen really be trusted, or does her sweet face mask a chilling agenda?

Filled with shocking twists and turns, THE TWIN'S DAUGHTER is an engrossing gothic novel of betrayal, jealousy, and treacherous secrets that will keep you guessing to the very end.

This was such an engaging read.  Normally I don't read a lot of mystery, but this just sucked me right in.  

The story is told by Lucy, who is thirteen at the beginning of the novel, and it follows the course of her life after her aunt Helen--her mother's twin sister that she didn't even know she had--shows up on their doorstep.

At first it is a very sweet novel, taking a liking to My Fair Lady, as Lucy's family takes her aunt in and re-clothes and re-educates her to fit in with their standing in society.  They show her the life she's never had, and during this, Lucy and Helen bond and grow close.

But Helen soon becomes very good at imitating her sister (Lucy's mother), and soon it becomes difficult to tell the two women apart.

Then, when one of the twins is murdered, and Lucy's life is turned upside down, she finds herself wondering just which one is still alive.

This was a great read.  It's set in the Victorian era (or something like that, I've never really gotten the hang of eras, so please correct me if I'm wrong), and is beautifully written.  This story is full of mystery, suspense, and a little romance.  Pick it up.  You won't regret it.

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