Not Suitable for Family Viewing - Vicki Grant


If your life were a TV show, would you even get a speaking part?

Robin has everything a girl could want.  Thanks to her mother--the internationally beloved talk show host Mimi Schwartz--Robin's got the money, the means and the connections to make even her wildest dreams come true.

Why, then, does she chose to sit alone in a dark room watching endless reruns of You, You and Mimi?

Don't ask Robin.  She doesn't know--at least, not until a bizarre discover propels her to ditch her pampered new York Life for a deserted nova Soctian fishing village.  There, she stumbles upon love, the truth of her own background--and the shocking secret that helped make her mother a star.


ohmigod.  Please read this book.  Please? 

I started it on a whim on my lunch break (the book I brought with me really wasn't doing anything for me, so I ditched it, and picked this one at random from the stack I have stashed on my desk for reading emergencies (yes, I am that nerotic about reading.  This habit came about after a couple instances during which I realized I'd left home with nothing to read, and had a mini panic attack while having to pretend to be normal).

I couldn't put it down.

Wait...let me put that another way.


It was amazing.  I fell completely in love with Robin (the main character--a teenage girl who has everything a girl could possibly need, except for any kind of family affection) as she discovers one tiny flaw in her mother's otherwise flawless life.  It's a shock for her to find that her mother (a world-famous talk-show host--think Oprah) is hiding something when she has made her career out of putting her entire life on display, so Robin decided to start digging.

For her, it's an effort to become close to her mother whom she isn't close to at all.

It's exciting, the writing is amazing.  It's funny, it's frightening, and it's sweet and romantic.

Amazing read.

Please read it.


Wait...this is a Canadian title.  Is this even sold outside of Canada?  I have to look into this.

If it isn't, I'll do a contest for a copy.  I promise.

5 (absolutely amazing) stars!



P.S. The cover really doesn't capture what this book's about.  I don't know what the cover should be, but this isn't it.  It makes you think it's going to be completely about a teen romance, and while there is some of that (and it's adorable), that's not what the heart of the story's about.  (please read it)


  1. This was a really good review.
    I haven't heard of this book, but I think I might just pick it up now! :)

  2. I'm the same way about books. I have to have one with me at all times otherwise I kinda panic. I read during my lunch period or anytime I'm waiting so I don't have to make small talk.

  3. Im going to read it soon... i need a really good going to get marked.


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