Weekend Wishlist - October 2010 #2

Every Friday I try to compile a little list of books that caught my eye this week.  I figure that if they caught my fancy, they might catch yours too.

Some new, some old, some not even out yet.

Without further ado...Here's this week's Weekend Wishlist!


Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story
Why I Wish - Cover is awesome, and I absolutely adored Adam Rex's story The True Meaning of Smekday.  Now, instead of aliens, it's vampires.  I can't wait!


White Cat (Curse Workers, Book 1)
Why I Wish - I'm loving teen paranormal right now.  And I love that this is from the guy's point of view.


The Ghost and the Goth
Why I Wish - Teen paranormal again...and a 2010 YA debut to boot.  Also...have I mentioned my cheerleader/goth guy weakness?  Ugh, why doesn't my library have this?  I'm so distressed!


Intertwined (Harlequin Teen)
Why I Wish - I'm a big fan of Gena Showalter's adult titles, so this one for YA is definately on my list.  Also, it's told from a guy's point of view, which isn't that common in paranormal YA fiction nowadays.


Why I Wish - Look at the cover!  It's gorgeous.  I'll be truthful and tell you I'd probably read this no matter what it was about, just because of that cover...but dystopian society?  I'm right there with you on that.  Love love love.


Incarceron (Incarceron, Book 1)
Why I Wish - Dystopian prison society?  Count me in! Hurry up library!  How dare you only have 10 copies!

I hope some of these catch your fancy like they did mine!

happy reading!