The Unspoken - Thomas Fahy



"In five years' time, your greatest fear will consume you. It will rob you of your last breath."
Five years ago six children who lived with their families in Jacob Crawley's Divine Path religious cult escaped by burning the compound to the ground. They are reunited at the funeral of Jacob's son, Harold. Harold died of drowning -- his worst fear -- even though his body was found miles from any water. And it seems that each of the teens is marked for murder -- as Crawley had predicted years earlier. Can any of these teens save themselves?
Horror author Thomas Fahy now brings his unsettling talent to teen fiction with The Unspoken.


This was a very quick read.  I barely had a chance to hunt down a picture of the cover to post on my "currently reading" page before I finished.  That being said, I wonder if it went a little too quickly, and was a little too short. 

The pace was really great.  It was exciting and creepy, and I was really wondering what was going to happen next, how it was going to end...and didn't.

The ending kind of petered out, without anything really happening.  And when that comes after the rest of the novel being about fate, death, and the possible end of the world, it was a little disappointing. 

2 stars (not a bad read, but it lost a star for feeling so unfinished)


On The Unspoken
On The Unspoken