Theme Week (1) - Blue!

Hi All!

I've decided that I have too much to read, and no idea what I should read in an effort to bring a little sanity into my insane world, I've decided I want to attempt a theme week.

What is a theme week, you ask?  Well, it's pretty much whatever pops in my head that week.  It won't be every week, and a lot of the themes are going to be pretty silly.  Like Vampires!...or The World is Ending! or Where's my Cat!?! (please note:  I have no idea what I would put into a "where's my cat!?!" theme week...but it's Sunday night, and officially, I'm not allowed to think on

In summary, it's a theme that makes sense to me Sunday night, which may not make sense for the rest of the week, but I'm gonna try to run with it anyway.

So here's this week's theme....Blue!


These are the books I'm going to try to read and review this week...Monday to Sunday.  Wish me luck!

Also, please leave me a comment if you happen to review a book that happens to fall in this week's theme.  I'd love to read it!


P.S.  I know this is probably a stupid idea, and this first attempt might be my last attempt, but bear with me while I try, ok?

ETA - List of completed books from this challenge...

Book 1 - Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater


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