The Roar - Emma Clayton



Mika and Ellie live in a future behind a wall: Solid concrete topped with high-voltage razor wire and guarded by a battalion of Ghengis Borgs, it was built to keep out the animals, because animals carry the plague. At least that's what Ellie, who was kidnapped as a child, has always been taught. But when she comes to suspect the truth behind her captivity, she's ready to risk exposure to the elements and answer the call of the wild. Listen. Can you hear it? She's strapping on her headset, jumpstarting her Pod Fighter, and--with her capuchin monkey at her back--she's breaking out!


I'm not sure if I should mark this as younger readers or not.  The main characters are younger than most of the other stories I blog about--they're around 12--but there's a lot of violence in this one (science fiction violence as opposed to fantasy violence...I'm not sure why that's different to me, but for some reason it is).  Not sure.  Any suggestions?  I'll leave it off for now, just in case.

This was a great fast-paced read.  I loved the character of Mika, as he does everything he can to find his sister, and connects with the others around him.  The summary focuses on his twin sister Ellie, but the story itself revolves almost completely around Mika as his world begins to change.  People start to disappear, the children at school are suddenly put through a program to make them healthier and stronger, and an incredible new game is introduced.  Mika struggles through all of it, knowing that his efforts are the only way to find his sister, who everyone else believes is dead.

Great read!  Absolutely cannot wait for the next book...this is going to have a sequel right?  Right?

Pretty please?

5 stars

-geekgirl xoxo