In My Mailbox (4) & Nanowrimo Countdown

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So without further In My Mailbox... (I've got some great stuff this excited!!!)

From the Library:

I've been waiting for these to arrive at the library forever.  So excited.  I can't wait to read them.  I wish I could just stay home all week, and do nothing but read...but alas...I must eat...

And Purchased...

Did you know that The Summoning was originally written for Nanowriomo some years ago?  It was...according to some very old emails I received when I attempted (and failed) years ago.

And in regards to Nanowrimo...I've signed up....and I'm petrified.  There's only a little over 24 hours left until it begins and all that's going through my brain right now is I'm not ready...I'm not ready...I'm not ready.

But see, that's the thing.  I don't think I'm ever going to actually be ready, so I have to try anyway.

Are there any other book bloggers out there participating in Nanowrimo this year?  If so, do you have any tricks of the trade, words of encouragement, or anything else that might help me?

Pretty please?  I'm a little overwhelmed here...(cowers in the corner)

-geekgirl xoxo.


  1. I'm going to give NaNoWriMo a go this year too. I've been thinking about writing a novel for years now and I think I need something like NaNoWriMo to force me to put words on the page. I would also be interested to hear from any other book bloggers who have completed a NaNo book in the past.

  2. @James - That post was from last year, for which NanoWriMo was an EPIC FAILURE for me. I'm going to try again this year though.

    Ultimate goal in life #1 - write a book. Ultimate goal in life #2 - write another book.

    And I agree, I'd love to know how many/which book bloggers are attempting NaNo this year. Perhaps we should see if we can compile a list?



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